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i want him to do whatever makes him happy. >> joy: pattie mallett new book is now available. thank you to you and cindi, susan, and wycleff jean. good night, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." we're going to break down mitt romney on 60 minutes. >> i can tell the american people specifically what my policy looks like. >> cenk: i'll show you how he is lying. done miss that, and then i talked to joy behar today about how mitt romney is trying to run away from her, and she is actually complementing anymore a lot of ways. >> joy: if you are going to be turned on by republicans i would
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prefer him and scott brown so let's say nixon. >> cenk: oh really? and then some republican has finally come to akin's legitimate rape rescue. >> my expectation would be in the crunch in october, governor romney is going to be for the entire ticket. >> cenk: good to see newt is back in the race. the whole show is fun. that's why it's go time. [♪ theme music ♪] >> this was the defining week. >> does romney believe the
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things that he says? >> if you don't learn from experience and your mistakes why, you ought to be fired. >> he seems to have only one note, tax cuts for the wealthy. >> it will be the haven for capitol formation. >> you called the romney campaign this week a rolling calamity. >> when they show up at the hospital, they get free care. we do provide care for people who don't have insurance. >> you paid 14% in federal taxes. that's the capital gains rate. is that fair? >> cenk: mitt romney went on "60 minutes," and he said a lot of things. and we're here to show you how what he said does not make sense at all. first he was asked about the 28 different flip-flops he has had during his career.
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and here was his answer. >> the principals have i had are the principals i have since the beginning of my political life. what have i learned? have i found that some things i thought would be effective turned out not to be effective. absolutely. you don't learn from your mistakes you ought to be fired. >> cenk: all right. he is done with the flip flopping, because he is running for president. let's see if it happens during the interview. when they said hey, the health care plan you got, and what you say you would take away wouldn't that leave 50 million people uninsured. how would you deal with them mitt? >> we do provide for people who don't have insurance. if someone has a heart attack they don't sit in their apartment and die, we pick them up in an ambulance and take them
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to the hospital and give them care. >> cenk: we didn't let you die in the street. what more do you want from us? here is the interesting part. you know who doesn't agree with mitt romney on that? mitt romney. here he is in 2010. >> it doesn't make a lot of sense for us to have millions and millions of people to have people who can go to the emergency room and get care for which they have no responsibility particularly if they have sufficient means to pay their own way. >> cenk: watch this clip from glenn beck in 2007. >> they show up at the hospital they get care they get free care paid for by you and me. if that's not a form of
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socialism i don't know what is. >> cenk: wow. back in 2007 he was calling that socialism. if you show up at the emergency room, now that rocks. back then he was saying that is a form of socialism. the flip-flops never end with mitt romney. now know why? because he doesn't give a damn. the only thing that mitt romney cares about is how do i get mitt romney elected. so what do i need to tell the person in front of me at this point in time that they want to hear. that's what i tell them. the one thing he does have an opinion on is let's make sure we protect the rich. but we'll tell you something else. >> i'm going to limit deductions and exceptions particularly for the people at the high end. should be no tax reduction for high income people. >> cenk: he wanting income taxes
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to be progressive. really? but he did mention this part. >> well, the current rates less 20%. so the top rate would go from 35 to 28. >> cenk: all right. now that makes it an enormous tax cut for the rich. this is the moment you have been waiting for on "the young turks" when we do math. all right. i'll trying to make this as simple as possible. you know home mortgage deducts your interest that you pay on your mortgage. so we're assuming an income of a million dollars, and this is obviously a very wealthy individual, and a mortgage of a million dollars. so the deduction will be $40,000. what does that mean? that means once you take the deduction your income will be
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$960,000. so what does that mean? your total taxes will be $336,000. that's the current plan right? so if you are making a million dollars, you are paying theoretically $336,000. under romney's plan he says i'm going to tax your 28%. so it will be $28,000, and even though i'm taking away the home mortgage deduction, your savings is $56,000. okay. so understand this as mitt romney just told you hey, you know what, the rich aren't going to get an extra tax break because i'm going to take away the home mortgage deduction. and under romney's plan if you are making a million dollars,
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you wind up saving $56,000 extra if you are incredibly rich. but if you are middle class, what is it going to do to you? it is going to crush you. in fact skip one graphic down to a-28 forme. under current law if you are making $10,000, you would be paying $3,486,000. under romney's plan you would be paying $2.8 million. if you are making $10 million a year you get a $686,000 tax break under mitt romney's plan. so he tells you, i'm not trying to help the rich. he is lying through his teeth.
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he would give them nearly a $700,000 tax break if they make $10 million. if they make $1 million they still get that break. all right. how about his own taxes. listen to this. >> it is a low rate and one of the reasons why the capitol gains tax rate is lower, is because tax has already been taxed once at the corporate level. >> so you think it is fair? >> yeah, i think it's the right way to encourage economic growth. >> cenk: so you paying 14% realistically way under 14% for many, many years is fair when the average pays more than that? how is that fair? that's not fair at all. and how is your money creating
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jobs over here when it is parked over in the cayman islands, that's not fair. how about on the issue of medicare, look at this. >> well i don't want any change to medicare for current seniors or for those that are nearing retirement. >> cenk: isn't that funny. he says my plan is great, but you current seniors, i'm not going to apply my plan to you. in other words obviously you would despise my plan so i'm going to actually screw up your kids and grandkids instead. why i'm so reassured. and now we get to the issue of, quote unquote, obamacare. >> the first big one is i'm not going to go forward with obamacare. i will repeal obamacare. it costs about $100 billion a
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year. >> cenk: it is the exact opposite. if you refeel obamacare, it actually -- as you can see from the congressional budget office. so if you repeal it costs us $100 billion. not if you keep it. it is the exact opposite of the truth. that's what mitt romney told you. and then finally what does he do at night? he apparently prays. >> you pray every night before you go to bed? >> i do pray. >> what do you ask for? >> that's between me and god. [ laughter ] >> but mostly wisdom and understanding. i seek to understand things that i don't understand. >> cenk: well then i hope you pray tonight that god helps you understand what the hell that interview was about, and all of the different misstatements and
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lies you had in there. you can always tell mitt romney is uncomfortable when he does he awkward laugh. [ mocking laughter ] >> cenk: when you come back, you know what your new favorite union is? the nfl refs. >> there is a lot of people in the league that would rather break the union. they feel like officiating is a commodity. >> cenk: and then paul ryan several years ago through mitt romney under the bus. rather than having ireland be the haven for capital hiding, don't we make it america? american express.
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>> cenk: the contract with nfl referees association expired in june, and now they are having a bit of a problem obviously with wages and their pensions because they have been locked out. it is causing a bit of an issue in the nfl that's for sure. look at what happened last night. >> reporter: bill belichick at various times were clearly upset and at the end of the game he was seen going up to a official requesting an explanation, reaching out with his right arm as the official raced off of the field. >> cenk: he was indeed. and people have been getting very touchy. john fox was signed $30,000, the coach of the broncos, for what happened last week and that's belichick there.
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$25,000 for the defensive coordinator for the broncos. we have seen all of these unions have different issues. i always want to give you a sense of perspective on it. in this case the nfl is a $9 billion industry. the issue with the national football league's referee association is matter of $62,000 per team. really? we're enduring the worst refs of our life because you are worried about $62,000 a team. >> reporter: there are a lot of people in the league that would rather break the union. there's a lot of people don't feel like officiating is an on the field necessarily, it's a commodity. so they don't care bottom line. player safety doesn't matter in
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this case. >> cenk: so that's really interesting. i love those strong words by steve young. and the national football league player's association is is also getting involved, they say . . . and that is certainly what it looks like by the way as far as fans are concerned. sean spicer tweets out . . . and there are two more fans of the nfl that feel that way. we and ben mankiewicz. ben joining us now. ben, people say i don't know are they getting paid too much, too a little? how do i know? >> first of all what do we care
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what they are getting paid. this is a $9 billion a year industry. the starting salary is $78,000, the average looks close to be $8,000 a week. compare that to the averages of some other sports they all get more money. >> cenk: i know they work a shorter year -- >> yeah, less gruelling. >> cenk: no question be for christ's sakes the nfl has paid $110,000. what is their ratings? >> the nfl obviously being the most powerful and significant sports league in the world, a giant marketing tool, needs to know that the ref -- we have seen that if you don't have quality referees you diminish the product. so let's make them full-time
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referees. the nfl is quite capable of making these guys full-time employees. you would have 119 referees right now. and the cost would be less than 1% of the nfl. >> cenk: so if they are trying to break the union, they are ironically proving their case. >> yeah, we did a segment today on tyt sports we named it turk of the week, and jerk of the week, because this not their fault. now they are trying to keep up with charles of the kansas chiefs. they are overmatched. they have no business being here. and the players know it.
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there is a tweet today, he tweeted can you please tell these zebras foot locker called and they are needed back at work. and then in a great develop later in the day he said no i wasn't talking about the refs. >> cenk: oh, really? then literally zebras. >> yes. so why we need to stand with the union here it is's diminishing the product that we see. the games are largely unwatchable. the players -- there's a loss of control from the referees. night after night, game after game, we are seeing close to fights. at some point there is going to be a full-fledged fight. >> cenk: yeah i saw a horse
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collar not being called by happens from time to time. but in the saint's game it was a disaster. >> i don't even think it's the issue of the blown calls, it's about the washability of their product. right now the nfl doesn't care. people are watching anyway. this goes on long enough i think it will make a difference. the spokesman for the nfl pointed out when he said the officials don't deserve the race they want -- and it's about their pension too -- do the officials get the same kind of raises in their other jobs as they did in 2006? and that gets to the problem here too. these officials all have other jobs in the off-season. one is a trial lawyer i think the nfl is looking at a real problem, if they don't pay them
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long term, make them significant employees, they are susceptible to turning to a referee who can swing the game in their favor. another reason the nfl needs to cave. they could give them everything they wanted right now, and it looks like it would cost about $62,000 a team. >> cenk: even my dad was watching with me yesterday, and he said [ inaudible ]. he became indian all of a sudden by the way. look there's a reason for unions, the unions they gave you saturday. >> you totally butchered the quote. the unions the people that gave you the weekend. >> cenk: it's something like that. [ laughter ]
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>> cenk: and they gave us quality football. and it is the richest people in the country, literally, the nfl owners versus guys doing part time work. mitt romney running away from "the view" because he is worried about joy behar's sharp tongue. >> joy: he is kind of scared of us. >> well, sure. it is somewhat liberal, the show. >> cenk: and try to guess this twist at tyton current. it's coming. understatement, eliot.
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are they contagious? i don't think so. [ male announcer ] contract the rainbow! taste the rainbow!
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(vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. ttv
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favorite union, the nfl referees. we have another football-related story for you guys today.
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the dallas cowboys obviously own the website they were also trying to buy they wound up not getting the site over financial conflict. and who ended up getting the site? who did? a website interested in cowboy dating. here is what it says on the website. is an online dating site for cowboys. you'll be able to find your perfect match here. how about them cowboys! [ laughter ] >> cenk: so i believe elbow of the day would be cowboys.c
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